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'handy' - a Free Rental Smartphone

Features of 'handy' - a Free Rental Smartphone

'handy' is a free rental smartphone provided in our guest rooms.
Aside from in-room phone use, you can also make free local or international calls (up to 10 countries) and the Internet is also free for use.

Free and Unlimited Local Calls

Besides in-room use, local phone calls are free to make without limits.

Free International Calls (Up to 10 Countries)

Free international calls are available (designated destinations only).

Free and Unlimited Internet Access

No more roaming or checking Wi-Fi spots – The Internet is always available for free whenever and wherever you go.

Tethering Function

'handy' is equipped with a connecting function so you can use it as a mobile router to connect the Internet from your own devices. Learn more

Multiple Languages at Hand

31 languages are available besides Japanese and English.


The built-in map app will guide you to your destination.
Also, free to download social media, camera apps and any other apps you may wish to use.

Data-Erase Function

All the data is erasable manually, automatically, or remotely. No need to worry about your personal and history data.